Sunday, May 01, 2011


I personally am still in shock at what happened that day in our state. Not a day or chore goes by when I think about the many folks who lost all their stuff, home, a loved one, etc. The kids and I walked around the property and collected four bags full of debris. Debris that came from across the state!

That day we knew a bad storm was coming. The levels were high. I don't remember the technical term something HI was extremely high. We were watching the ustream on the internet. I told Daniel there was a tornado in Cullman that touched down. We went for our evening walk, or late afternoon on this day. Watched the ustream again to see the tornado in Tuscaloosa. I cannot believe how long it stayed on ground! We got serious in our shelter. We completely cleaned out the kitchen closet. The kids got two pillows each and a sleeping bag. Daniel brought down the big mattress from upstairs and moved everything out of the dining area of the kitchen. The kids were getting nervous. We prayed and we sang song after song. Then the storm was over! Rachel saw a yellow dress fall from the sky. I was like yeah right. It was actually insulation. Then we noticed more.

The death count is high! The stories are amazing! Please don't stop praying for all the families. Please help in any way that you can!!!!

Local church that has family hit by the tornado.  Please lift them up in prayer!

Christ Church Branch Cove

Thanks. To God be the glory.....

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