Friday, April 08, 2011


I cannot believe this time last year we were doing this. Today we are celebrating Julie's first birthday!!! What a joy. What a blessing. What a smile!!!!

She is walking along everything, but has not taken her first actual step yet. She talks and talks and talks and talks, well baby chatter that is!!! Oh! She tried to put on Princess' flip flop the other day!!! She held it in one hand while lifting the other foot!!! I could not believe it! She is happy all the time, and a true joy to our family!!!!

We are grateful to God indeed!

Also she was born on my parent's anniversary!!! Today they would of been married 44 years!!! I got the most BEAUTIFUL picture of her and my Mom, but it is on my Mom's camera. I will post it next time I see her and get the camera!!!

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Kim said...

She is a cutie and a very happy baby.