Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Can you hear me? Have you forgotten about this little blog space? I am here. I am quiet. I am busy. I am learning.

Let me start with last August when I stopped blogging except for a quick contest here and there. My Mom was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer metastasis to the liver and lungs. We were told she was inoperable and had weeks, maybe months to live. I was so overtaken with stress that I lost my ability to start the van. Seriously, it brought me to tears EVERY TIME!!! It is by the grace of God that school has gone well. Nine rounds of chemo later the tumors have shrunk! She will continue taking chemo until her tumors have shrunk. We are looking at least a year. I regained my ability to start the van! God has carried us this far. Not only us, but others who are in the same boat. Who knew that my SIL and I would both face cancer in our dear Mothers. I love hearing Little Mama pray for our cancer family/friends!

I hold to the "be still and know that I am God" because my life and those closest to me has been challenged to the heart! God is in control. I know. God will take care. I know. God is so good. I know.

In light of all of I will try to be more faithful with the blog. Thanks to every one who has prayed for my Mom during this journey.

In honor of my Mom I had my hair cut and sent off to Pantene which makes wigs for the American Cancer Society.

[hmmm... I wonder if one loses weight when all that hair is cut off? My luck... NO! Bummer.]

Isn't my Mother beautiful? Truly beautiful inside and out! Her strength and testimony through this journey is amazing! You will not hear her complain or grumble... only bring glory to God! Oh I have so much to learn in this life.

I also want to mention how proud I am of my brother! He had his head shaved because of my Mom!!!! Maybe he can send me a photo for me to share? hint hint.... :)


Alissa said...

Thinking of you Letisha! I can not imagine what an experience this has been for you and your family. But I do know we have a great God!!! Thanks for the update.

Kharren said...

wow, that was an inspiring one... =) continue to walk under God's grace ma'am.. we are all secured in HIS hands... God bless.

The Mama said...

Hello! I found your blog through a comment you left on Raising Olives. So nice to meet you!

I'll be praying for your mother, as well as you and your family. I have an extra measure of understanding for your situation as I have been battling stage 4 colon cancer for what will be six years at the end of this month. How is she today?