Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I asked her to rename the last planet because I love it when she says "aaaannnndd Pluto!"

Who knew when we studied astronomy this past summer that our 3 and 4 year old would remember the planets! Actually, Princess was 2 when studied and has just recently turned 3. What a benefit to homeschooling!

I personally love this Exploring Creation series. I should receive the astronomy one in the mail any day now. We plan to do it this next summer.

I have always wanted the Somebody board game to go along with it.

Oh what a fun online game.... "oopps, I don't think so!"

Or this one would be really fun.

And wouldn't this kit be cool too? Who wants to prick their finger first to test blood type? :)

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Beth said...

they are never too young to learn, are they??

LOVE LOVE LOVED seeing you a few weeks ago!!!

The human body kit thing is COOL, and the body systems game :-)

AND, yes, your mom is beautiful and wow about your hair! EG is growing hers just to donate.