Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Leigh took a picture of her children while shopping and I wish I had thought of the idea all of these years! I want to remember what my children looked like as we went grocery shopping!

It is amazing to have a son old as well as strong enough to push the cart and trust him to not run over people! Also, at Aldi's he asked if he could return the cart for me! Really? He is nine! I could not decide which was best or the right choice, to let him or not! I did ride my bike with a friend to school when I was his age! That was quite a 5 minute bike ride! So, I hesitantly said yes and he did! He walked cautiously, looked both ways, and came back safely! While I stood as high on the van as I could so I could see every move and every person/car near him until he returned safely to the van! Wow! When we unloaded the van he then asked if he could drive the van straight to where it was supposed to be parked! Uh that is a flat out no! Don't grow up too fast son! :)

Spending our evenings on the couch watch "Little House on the Prairie!"

Today is my Dad's birthday! Though he is not with us today I have thought of him a lot! I tried to think of my favorite childhood memory of him! I would have to say the "M-I-S-T-A-K-E." Never heard of that game? Well it is the game where I would lovingly sit on my father's lap! He would tell me that was a mistake. A what? A mistake! What's that? And then he would non-stop tickle me!!!! You know he could trick me with this every time! Sometimes he would slowly spell it out until I realized what he was spelling, flee from his lap only for his long arms to catch me, return me to his lap and TICKLE!

I wonder what memories and stories our children will tell their children of us! How we treated each day! How we made them laugh! How we let them take the old tape player apart so they could have the green hard drive from inside it because "Jason at church has three!" (As two children are desperately trying right now!)


Kim said...

The store pic is cute. You need a tv screen for those kids to watch that show on.

Laura said...

okay, looking at the grocery picture, all I think is, "You're a brave woman!" :-) good to hear how Joshua is helping out now-I'm sure it's hard to let go some.