Sunday, July 25, 2010


We finally headed farther to visit more friends! Ah, what encouragement! Our kids played great together! Last time we saw them their first child was a baby and we had our first two boys! We have both added to our family! I LOVED seeing her school room in person! Her oldest daughter was thrilled to show me all her books and tell me about the book series Rachel Yoder that she is reading right now. Of course, knowing her she has finished the 8th book in that series! :)

They even treated us to some smore's. Hey, did you know that chocolate and marshmallows alone are just as good? Yep, they are!

Once again... encouragement from friends! My kids are asking when will we see them again! Or stating they wished we lived closer! Me too, my dears, me too!

Oh and by the way, she makes beautiful cakes!

Then we started for our long drive home! The kids were fast asleep before we even got to the interstate! They slept the whole night on the way home!

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