Thursday, June 03, 2010


Our Bible lesson today was on repentance. The parable of two sons. A father asked one son to work in the vineyard. He said no. Then regretted it and went to work. The second son when asked by the father said yes, but did not go to work in the vineyard. The kids saw the difference and knew which one did the right in the end! The first son did wrong, repented and changed.

Then we did a craft.

Do you see Waldo? Yep, under the table. That is where we find the 4 year olds most of the time, escaping the bible lesson, craft, story time, etc.

4 year old cousin J wrote his name.

We read books on story safety.

After lunch we did the most loved anticipated treasure hunt.

Next week we go to the dentist from all the treasure we ate.....


Leigh said...

That pic of the little boys and Eliana with the treasure chest is one of my favorite pics ever! Thanks again, Letisha!

Beth said...

How fun. Still so neat that y'all have such a special and fun tradition - and so many kids to enjoy it.

Too funny about the swinging!