Friday, May 28, 2010


Chaser. Little Mama found her and informed me that something was wrong with Chaser's eye. Also that she would not move. I went with them to where she was. I thought she was dead, but she was paralyzed. She was Grammy's house and Gramps carried her back for us. We gave her some benadryl and honey. We knew she had been bitten by a snake. She did not look good. The next day she crawled under the shed. There she died! We had her just under a year. She was a good playful dog for the kids. The kids are sad but as Peacock said, "At least we have her puppies!" That we do!

Here they are....





They attack us in the morning when we open the door! They are so excited! They are quite aggressive when it comes to eating time, so I am having to separate them at ends of the porch. They are still chewing and enjoying bones from a deer!

So.... rabbits and birds... you are safe in our yard now. Unless these puppies of Chaser has the same chasing gene....

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