Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Daniel set out this past weekend to work on our yard. We have had this plan but no time to put into it. Daniel he made a new planter bed on the side of the house. Extended the walk way. He still needs to dig out the walk way and put blocks around the side of the walkway by the yard. Plus we need more gravel. There is a lot of work still to be done, but I am thoroughly enjoying this part so far. Just having plants on the side of the house makes it look so much more beautiful!
Here are Indian Hawthorns and a Jasmine to grow on the trellis.

This is a roll of hummingbird and butterfly wildflowers to grow.

Golden Eunomymouns (or something like that) to grow in the front planter beds. They are evergreen and will bloom flowers as well. They will grow tall.
When the gravel is put in, we will park our vehicles up here. It gives us enough space to have 3 vehicles side by side.

Here are pictures of the excellent helpers!

Waiting and watching Daddy on the tractor.

Smiley getting his practice and turn on the tractor!

Po and Kitty at play! Ahhh, cute huh?

Smiley mopped the front foyer for me since it was muddy from all of their boots! What a helper!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks very nice!

Beth said...

Doesn't it feel good to fix up your yard?! You'll enjoy the benefits all spring and summer! I hope we can get a little spring flower garden started out front asap.

How are you feeling?

Emily said...

Looks great!