Monday, March 22, 2010


It is that time to pick out the dates, gender, weight, time and all for the baby.
Here are the picking so far... due date (estimated of course) is March 30th!!!

March 30:
Grandma -- girl, 9.1 lbs, 1:58pm

April 1:
HooDoo -- boy,9.1 lbs, 6am

April 4:
Little Mama -- girl, 9lbs, 2pm

April 8:
Smiley -- boy, 9 lbs, 10pm
Me: boy, 8.8lbs, 2:30am

April 9:
Peacock -- boy, 8lbs, 9pm

Anyone want to join?


Erin said...

April 4th (Easter!) - boy, 9.5 lb, 3am

Leigh said...

April 3 -- girl, 8.7lbs, 4am

Beth said...

March 29 - boy, 8lb 10oz, noon!

Our last came 9 days early after 3 of them going overdue! You never know! :-)

Beth said...

Meant to say the puppy photos are adorable, and your enjoyment in the kids' enjoyment is refreshing.

Thanks for the kind words about the pics...sunlight is my friend. It makes all photos look better. Can't really do inside pics at all!