Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week our out of state cousins came to visit for a week! Well all except the newest smallest sweetest cousin S! She enjoyed her Mommy all to herself while the big siblings were visiting us! We had a fun filled week. We decided to try the Natural History Museum instead of the zoo since the weather is still chilly!

Oh wait... were we there to see animals, rocks, minerals, to learn about weather and other cool school stuff? I thought we were there to race through and snap pictures of cute little kids. Oh well.. maybe next time we can stop to read something and actually LEARN something! :)

Eating our lunch outside.

On the way home I had to get pictures of the icicles! I cannot believe there are still huge icicles on the main highway! I wanted pick a huge icicle to take home!

This is the ridge we drive and the next town in the valley below! What a beautiful site. I just love living up here. On the way home from church on Sunday we saw two hang gliders in the air! It was awesome!

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