Monday, August 03, 2009


I read this on Kindred Blessing blog and thought it fitting as we start our new year today!

I will teach my children because I love God, And because I love them.
I will know my children, and my children will know God.
Together, we will travel this road of learning.
If they learn by seeing—I will let them look.
If they learn by hearing—I will let them listen.
If they learn by doing—I will let them do.
I will take time for each child to grow and blossom.
If one falls behind, I will slow down until they catch up.
If one is soaring, I will give them the wings they need to fly higher.
I will take time to listen, and to hear, what they need.
I will learn what makes them special.
I will give them what they need for this life, and for the next.
I will love them, teach them, train them, adore them.
What we do is not always EASY—but it is ALWAYS worth it!

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