Sunday, July 05, 2009


Today we had the cousin group picture taken at Portrait Innovations! Impressed every time with their great skills. They even got two of the youngest to smile in the family picture. Princess on the other hand was determined to NOT smile at ALL!

Then we went for our tour at the local fire department. The kids loved it! They got to get up close and touch the fireman so they will not be afraid if one came in their house to rescue them! They answered the questions for fire safety!

We went to Wendy's for lunch. Several people at different times asked two of us
"are those all yours?" or "are you responsible for all of them by yourself?" while the other Moms were ordering food! They were very good though. Then we came home in time for the big boys and Daddys to get ready for the backpacking trip!

All in all a very good week of cousin camp!

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Emily said...

I bet the boys just loved the fire department tour!