Saturday, May 09, 2009


First bed... left to right...two rows of corn, lettuce not showing up yet, peas in the middle, carrots in the front two squares.
Second bed... tomatoes in back row, herbs in second, bush beans (will plant more squares).

In another garden I have more tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelon planted. I still need to plant squash and move our strawberries and tomatoes.

We have a lot of strawberries but they are tart. Daniel said we need to add calcium to the soil! They are pretty non the less. One is missing this morning.. so a little creature must of enjoyed it!

What else is growing in our yard....
a robin egg that we found in our bird house!

This little 3 year old boy who LOVES to push Daddy's lawnmower when he is finished!

Dandelions that this little 1 year old girl LOVES to pick!

The seven year old boy who STILL LOVES to push Daddy's lawn mower when he is finished!

The love between a brother and a sister!

Weeds... I know but just so pretty!

Honeysuckle which are so delicious and sweet shrub which smells divine!


Emily said...

The shrub is tea olive...I love it too!
Your garden looks amazing. It will be a lot of fun watching everything come up!

Laura said...

I LOVE the smell of honeysuckles. We need to plant some!