Sunday, May 03, 2009


We left very early Thursday morning for the Smoky Mountains. We set up our tent at Elkmont campground. The kids loved the river right behind our tent. They had big rocks to climb out to. HooDoo did lose his flip flop in the river. I caught one and ran down the river trying to catch the other but it floated down and away! We joked about seeing it in the river while we were driving over our visit! We climbed Clingman's Dome. Well Daniel and I climbed while the older kids ran up! Little Mama was the first one to the top! What a trooper she is! The weather was chilly up top but it was beautiful! [Daniel carried Smiley while I carried Princess.] Peacock and HooDoo had some money so we went to the Sugarland Visiting Center. They loved looking at the museum of animals. They each got a toy. Peacock got a racoon, HooDoo a skunk, Little Mama a bear (which is now weraring a dress and diaper!), Smiley a fox and Princess picked a frog! Actually Princess was picking everyhhing in the store! A Park Ranger approached us asking Peacock a favor. Would he like to help her lower the flag and bring it in? What an honor! They all went out and Peacock helped her. Came inside and folded the flag. He was given a park ranger badge! He wore it proudly! We went back to the campside, ate dinner, played and rested before sleep! The river is such a peaceful sound!

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