Wednesday, March 04, 2009


God blessed us with snow on Sunday! It felt like it took us about an hour to find clothes and get dressed to go out. HooDoo had on three layers of footed pajamas, sweat pants, sweatshirt and a jacket and gloves!

Peacock made a snowman with sticks for the arms and a pine needle to the nose and mouth!

Made the all time favorite... SNOW ANGELS!

Then we came inside got under the warm blankets, drank hot chocolate and read books.

Peacock went back out to get snow. He made a winter scene. So in actually we still have snow...... in the freezer at least!

Looked out our windows to the beautiful scene!

Two of the cutest cousins walked over to our house.

What in world made these birds go crazy? I have NEVER seen so many birds in our yard and across the streets. Seriously, there were a ton more but my camera batteries died. The end.


Emily said...

Beautiful indeed! We got some here, too. Guess we've got our one good snow for the year. :)

Sarah said...

We saw all those birds too! Crazy!!

I'm surprised you guys dressed up so warm to go outside! I've seen you all outside with only jackets when it's just 10 degrees warmer than it was on that snow day!!