Friday, February 27, 2009


Just a fun day... with a few small gifts.

We started the morning with Monkey Bread for breakfast in bed.

Each child got a lunch box filled with fun things. Peacock got Pirates, HooDoo got Spider Man, Little Mama got Dora and Smiley got a John Deeere Tractor. They got candy, pencils, pad of paper, a toy, crayons, more candy. I did pick up personal pencil sharpeners for the boys not realizing that they look like Eve and are fun to play with! :) They are in love with the movie right now! :)


Kim said...

Oh boy that sounds like fun stuff! Do you know that I have never had monkey bread before? What's go great about it? Did you make it? If so, give Richard the recipe. haha
Love ya

Laura said...

Okay girl. You're going to have to email me soon on how you got so stinking good at this cake baking thing!
And would love your monkey bread recipe too. Looks delicious!