Thursday, February 12, 2009


Princess is into looking at books. Several times a day she will bring me a book to read or just lay back and look at a book! She has figured out how to sit and reach down to get a book. Yes, that is a van bench. We took out our 4th row so we could have room for groceries!

Plus an added bonus: HooDoo playing. Several times a day they ask for a Wall-E picture. They color it and then cut out the people to play with. Here he is playing with some other robots that were drawn and he colored. Little Mama carries her Wall-E people everywhere. Go figure....


Sarah said...

How cute!!:) Sammy still just eats books. She reaches over the edge really well!

Audrey said...

So cute, I loved the sound efects in the background. I had to look around for a minute to see if it was one of my boys in the room, LOL

I loved how they were saying her name, I thought I heard a jonanna, that was one of my nick names...or joanna banana.

Looks like you have an early reader on your hands!