Saturday, January 10, 2009


Little Mama LOVES the book Angelina Ballerina! She asks to read it everyday!!!! Now she has it pretty much memorized! I love how each child has their own favorite book that we have read over and over and over!

For the record:

Peacock: "Clifford's book of Manners" (includes manners, alphabet, and numbers)
HoooDoo: "The Little Blue Engine"
Little Mama: "Angelina Ballerina"
Smiley: "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window", or "The Big Red Barn"
Favorite of all.... "The Seven Silly Eaters"


Audrey said...

I think Little Mama is the cutest "ballerwina" in the whole "Woworld"

So Sweet!

Laura said...

Ella LOVES this book and the others in the series as well! Happy Late B-day to your little princess-can't believe she's already 1. And the cake you made for her is beautiful (along w/all the other ones I saw on your blog.) Note to self: email Letisha soon to learn her cake-making secrets. :-)

Sarah said...

Awww, cute!!!:D

Kim said...

Little Mama, thank you for reading the Angelina Ballerina book to me. You did a great job!!! I love you, Aunt Kimmie