Sunday, November 16, 2008


For our Homecoming at church today that women requested I make another cake! I made a White Almond Sour Cream Cake with a Raspberry Mousse Filling. It got great reviews.

Yes, you see two pictures. My lesson learned this time? When finished with a cake DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!! Later in the evening I thought, hey I still have icing. Let's make more roses. Well I did and would you believe the last rose flopped upside down on the cake? I got off what I could and covered most of it with leaves. But I was upset with myself and there were some small pinkish spots. Oh well. I am learning and I had fun!!!

The good thing, there were more roses for all the little kids to eat! They each wanted part of a rose and got one! :)


Alissa said...

What a great job Letisha!!! Your roses are really beautiful. That would have been disappointing to see that rose fall but you covered it up so well :-)

Emily said...

Beautiful! Looks flawless. The roses are perfect.

Sarah said...

The second one looks great I think! Your roses are awesome:)

Mother Hen said...

The baby stage? Try the first 16 years. I just got through posting about The Cap'n's birthday today.