Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AH YES!!!!

Today I made my best rose so far. I found a website that explained it better and it made since. I have a rose nail that I use. I use my number 12 tip and starting on the edge work my way around the nail, then inside and up. This makes a big strong base. Then I put my 104 rose tip on and make the first closed petal. Next are the layer petals, first row 3, next row 5, then 7 depending on how big and open you want the rose! Make since? It does. Usually by the time I get to the rose petals on the outer rows I am not on the base but flat on the nail. Then the whole rose is looking flat! So anyway, it worked today. I am known for making something one day and the next time it flops! :)

[Sorry it is blur. I did not realize until later what my camera setting was on. Normally I never change it!]

Rest assure, this is not going to turn into a cake blog! Oh I have a quite a few cake blogs that I am following too. Impressive work!

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Kim said...

Thats really good!!!