Saturday, September 27, 2008


a sink fountain made by HooDoo!

Little Mama blowing bubbles

Peacock running to make bubbles.

Smiley getting ready to throw his frisbee golf.

Peacock throwing his frisbee golf. They improve each year! Straighter and stronger.

HooDoo throwing his Straight driver.

sometimes it lands on the roof...

Little Mama trying to catch a cricket -- she succeeded!

Walking hand in hand with Daddy!

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Emily said...

Letisha, I did make his cake. It was REALLY simple...I used a cake mix and bought icing. Next time I will try your recipe or doctor up the mix a little. It tasted like a mix.
Actually Jeff covered it in chocolate icing and I wrote the big "1" in the center. I think Jeff might make a good cake decorator! :) My mom-in-law is an awesome cake decorator so maybe sometime I can get a tutorial from her. Your cakes are so beautiful though! I bet you could sell them.