Monday, August 04, 2008

Cousin Camp Day 1

Do you remember the last Cousin Camp ? Well it is that time of year again.

Bible Story:
God Prepared the World for Us. Gen. 1-2

all ready for the Bible lesson

holding the light, darkness, water, sky, land, plant, sun, moon, animals

Monkey moment. This is the time when they each ask the monkey a question regarding the bible lesson. They monkey is smart. What does 2 year old J ask? "Did God create God?" Oh only would a child of David and Leigh ask a question to that theological depth.

Traditional cousin hand print flag in the making.

face paint

hey, this was luck here... catching all three in a frame. Of course, you see Aunt Sarah's hands holding Smiley there? :)


The three youngest... M 10 months, Princess 7 months and S 5 months old. So precious! :)

triple the trouble oh I mean pleasure on the piano! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord -- that they did!

E enjoying a play time with M! Wonderful having I, J, and M with us!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish my sisters had children and that they were Christians. What a wonderful annual experience!

Emily said...

I love the games. Do you plan everything, or is it a joint effort? What amazing memories these lucky kids will have...
Someday I want to do cousin camp with our family!