Monday, August 11, 2008


We had our first day of school this morning.

Peacock: Grade 2
BJU Bible Truths Following Christ (actually grade 3 level)
Explode the Codes (we went through all 8 books last year which is faster than the program is planned, so we will go back a few books and review. See how it goes.
Phonics workbook
More Busy Days Reader -- I still need to buy Happy Hearts and Helping Hands.
Primary Bible Reader
Composition and Handwriting -- write out the bible verse and draw a picture.
Singapore Math 2A/2B

List of our school work.
HooDoo: Grade 1
BJU Bible Truths
A Reason for Handwriting
Explode the Code books
Singapore Math 1A/1B
I Wonder reader

Our Nation Under God

Art class with Grammy.

Little Mama: preschool
I bought her a Kumon Lowercase letter book. I want to get her Let's Fold and Let's Cut. My goal is to have each day a different theme for her. Monday: lowercase letter; Tuesday: cut; Wednesday: fold; Thursday: paint. I think she would do the whole book in one day if I let her! :)

I have always liked how Audrey keeps her boys books in a separate holder or Tanya's basket idea. I could never find baskets to work. This year I bought some magazine holders to try them. My thought it put each child's books in there. I bought a clip board for each child. I will put their work for that day on the clip board. When they finish with their work, I will put it in their big binder for the whole year. I even clip a pencil to it. Maybe that will help with last years issues of "I can't find a pencil." "Mom, none of the pencils are sharpened." Nah, well just make new excuses for this year! :)


I made my first fondant cake to have as a celebration cake with cousins. I followed a marshmallow recipe from Leigh and whatisbakingamerica. It was extremely easy! I loved playing with it! I decided to make a "The Cat in the Hat" book. The kids were thrilled and loved it! They kept asking if we could eat it. Finally after two days we decided to each have a small piece after lunch on Sunday. We would take it over to eat with their cousins on Monday! Wellll, nap time came. I put Smiley down for his nap and jumped on the computer. Little Mama came in and told Smiley was in the cake. Oh the whole cake ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!! At least I got a picture of it right after I finished it and at least it was not for someone's birthday!!!!! anyway....

what our school table looks like:

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hey, it is the first day of school... they have to wear clothes no pajamas today!!

If anyone wants links, let me know! Audrey-- could you give the name of the place where you bought your dividers for their books? I believe there were 6 and each a different color! Thanks!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful first day! Your kids must love school at your house.

chickadee said...

that cake looked great. looks like everything is so organized!

Kim said...

WOW! You actually got a big smile from Peacock for his school picture. He isn't covering his eyes or making a goofy look.
The kids look cute around the table. Your cake really came out looking great! Good job!

Audrey said...

Letisha, I love looking at the fun pictures of your cousins camp, how sweet and what great memories.

You did a fabulous job on that cake!!!

The store that I bought my organizers at was Lakeshore Learning, here is a link to one of the sets this one has 6 bins but the are not multi colored, I didnt browse much but I'm sure you can find the multis on their website.