Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have started something new here at our house on Sundays. Usually Sunday seems so rushed with church, hungry kids and what to eat right before late naps. My solution? A big meal after church. I prepare the dessert the night before. I set the table before we leave for church. The slow cooker has become my best friend cooking either chicken or roast beef. Peacock has started making the mashed potatoes on Sunday morning! He peels, I cut, Smiley puts them in the pot. They boil and then he mixes in the butter, milk, salt and pepper! He loves making them and is really good for his age! He gets it from his Daddy! :) It is so much more relaxing coming home and having everything ready well except the veggies.

See my new cloth napkins? I made them last Saturday!

How else do you eat corn and mashed potatoes! He gets that from his Aunt Kimmy! :)

Whole wheat strawberry shortcake from Tammy's recipe. Perfect for summer!

Now to be honest, I am not one for cooking. Baking more likely especially chocolate. Since I started doing this I have been trying new recipes. Some have been added to my very small menu list and others will never be done again. Nothing horribly bad just not our style of taste. Also, maybe my kids are older and more expressive but they like something, they smile or hug and that makes me happy! I realize now why some women like to cook. If it brings joy to someone then it made the time worth it! I am pleasing my family through good meals. When it is a small throw together meal it is just okay. But when they see me kneading bread, they smell the bread, or dinner in the crock pot and "ask what are we having, it smells good!" It all of sudden makes it fun for me! It is true put some heart or love into the recipe and it all comes out perfect. Something like that! You get the idea. Now not every meal is fancy. This is Sunday Meals I am talking about. I did start to plan our menus and stuck to it for a month. The summer heat has thrown it out! Or that is a good excuse...

Now I want to make matching aprons for Little Mama and myself! Oh how I love it when they come to help bake something! Unless they ALL want to help and I don't have the space to stand at the counter nor do we have enough chairs or stools for everyone to use! That is stressful cooking...


Anonymous said...

We've begun celebrating Sabbath as found in No Ordinary Home, which means a big meal on Saturday night. I'm getting together a box of special linens, candlesticks, dishes, etc. for our special celebration. That's what this reminds me of.

Emily said...

I'm not one who loves cooking either, but I've been trying a few new things this summer too.
When D&E were here with their four kids their oldest girl (4) had such fun helping me in the kitchen. I enjoyed her too. Kids make it fun!