Friday, July 04, 2008


Peacock turns 7 soon. With Daniel being off we celebrated his birthday last night! He LOVED his tank cake. He was sad that we had to actually eat it. I was pleased that for the first time my cake looked like what I had set out to make! I used salt water taffy for the wheels. I did not get cookies so I had to use an impulse buy. They had melted by the time of the party. He loved his walky talky, knight armor suit, coloring books, backpacking stuff, toys, ghillie suit!

our homemade birthday sign. The boys colored it camoflauged.

On the subject of boys, we found this fun online Lego Pirate game to play! They have more to choose from.


Emily said...

I'm so impressed with your cake!! So cool for a boy!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Peacock!!! Your cake looks really yummy! =} I hope you had a good day.
Letisha, I'm surprise that you didn't put any younger pictures of Peacock on here.