Monday, June 16, 2008


Our trumpet vine. Last year we got one bloom and this year we have a lot more! Daniel had ordered red to attract the hummingbirds but they sent us yellow. Still very pretty. I know, the flower is off centered. Well Princess likes to grab the camera strap as I snap the picture.

I found a box of these at WM. They hold the cards for little hands. They do work prety good but some of the other cards come out when pulling out a card. So youhave to be careful. But overall, I think it is great and the kids liked playing a lot better!

Yummy, the blackberries are ready for the picking. For the last few days we have picked two or three but HooDoo surprised us with a handful! Thanks!

Smiley's favorite... the moon!

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Sarah said...

Oooh, want to go on a blackberry walk this evening? Or maybe tomorrow morning?
What pretty flowers!!:)
I need to get some card holders too. Eliana can't hold them so she just lays them out... interesting for playing Go Fish... hmmm... do you have a 4? lol:)