Tuesday, April 29, 2008


.... until we can pick the blackberries.


Zenith said...

Nice Picture


Kim said...

Hey, that's funny, I just posted a picture of my blackberry flower. lol

Rachel said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment. Actually I have been visiting your blog for a long time (from Beth's link)! I know both of your husbands brother's and wives. We used to go to from church together. I have always heard lots about you, however, I have never met you. So, nice to "meet" you.

I got a coupon for the Bath&Body Works from a friend at work (it was an on-line coupon, it is expired now :(). I had to buy any item in the story and then I got anything in the store free (up to $11). So I bought a small fingernail file for $1.50 and I got a free soap(x6). I will use the files as part of a Christmas present for my girl friends.

Do you use coupons? They are a great way to save money, if you can find really good ones (which I usually do on-line). I hope to be a stay at home mom soon and I know that we will need to find ways to stretch one income (and coupons are really working for me). I am going to post about making my own laundry soap soon. I think it will be a great money saver!

Rachel said...

Oh, and I know Beth because she is my sister-in-law. She is married to my brother.