Sunday, April 06, 2008


Name Means: Annointed One
Born: 4-10-06
Time: 11pm
Weight: 10.7lbs

Ahh, the TERRIFIC TWO'S! :) We celebrated Smiley's birthday this weekend. I made him a "train cake." Yeah, I know, it looks more like a green truck that had a head on collision with a blue convertible pulling a wagon! Oh well... he knew it was a train (after I added the tracks) and loves trains. The next morning he made the left over a "train wreck!" I have mopped the floor twice in two days!

He enjoyed all of his gifts! Why are two year olds hard to buy for especially as a fourth child? He got two Mr. Potato heads which the kids love because they have one to play with him! His siblings each picked out a new hot wheels cars for him to play with! Little Mama even made sure he had one to sleep with!

Double the fun... double the pleasure... double the trouble!

The kids enjoyed testing Smiley's new gifts.

You like Princess knew expression? How low can you stick out your tongue?


Laura said...

I think the cake shows you're talented. For Ella's 1st I just did cupcakes and for her 2nd an icecream cake (made w/icecream sandwiches). So, I think it's a great train!

And Happy 2nd B-Day, Smiley!

Kim said...

Looks like the kids had a good time. You did a good job on the cake. It's very colorful. Princess looks so funny with her tongue sticking out. =]
Smiley, tomorrow you will officially be 2 years old. Happy Birthday!!!!
Aunt Kimmy