Friday, March 07, 2008


From the closest town to our house... this is what you see.

down in the valley (heading to the top of the mountain!)

nice curves all along the road

half way up the mountain (sharp curve)

view on top

closer view of the road down below that we were on.

our road

our house.

Peacock pulling the cart full of library books. We have discovered the Sugar Creek Gang and am loving the books! Peacocks keeps asking me to read more. We are on book 3 The Winter Rescue.....


Kim said...

I love your pictures! They look great!

Emily said...

Beautiful area! I love getting a peek at things others see every day :)

Audrey said...

What a beautiful, peaceful place you live!! I miss the mountains.

Jeanette said...

Love the pictures. Also, love the Sugar Creek Gang. I used to listen to them on the radio when I was a kid. Enjoy!

Tanya said...

That was neat to see!! Do any of you experience carsickness going up and down the mountain??? I know on our trips to Virginia, some of our children really feel sick. :(

It was neat to see a a bit of your part of the world. :)

rcsnickers said...

Jeanette-- I had never heard of the Sugar Creek Gang until recently! We got some from the library and some Daniel's Mom had. Joshua is so into them we are reading a book a day! Glad he has found a series of books he enjoys and gets a good Christian lesson out of it as well!

rcsnickers said...


no carsickness just ear that pop! Although I learned my lesson when pregnant for the first time, not to eat while riding in the car going around all the curves! Lost my meal at the gas station... not fun!

Laura said...

What a gorgeous drive you get to take! Don't you love the country life? (Except of course for how far it is to town and places like the library!)