Thursday, March 27, 2008


My sister and her family drove down to visit us for Easter weekend. Here are a few pictures I took while they were here. Go see her pictures... she has more and they are all great! Only wish my brother and his family could come to visit.....

Uncle Richard and his fishing crew.

David showing Peacock how to fish.

Grandma with 9 of her 10 grandchildren.

Cousins on the couch.

Saturday night the kids stayed at Grandma's house. They made s'mores. The boys slept in a tent in her back yard where they heard coyotes and owls. Oh wait, that was them making the noises! Smiley lasted until 1am when he returned to our house.

For Resurrection Sunday we went a small chapel in the park. Richard read the Bible and we sang a lot of songs. We enjoyed the beautiful view from up on top of the mountain. We tried to stay warm. The kids played a little bit. We returned home for lunch! They left that afternoon. Peacock said it was not long enough. I agree but thankful we got to see them!

The small chapel

David, Sarah and Rebekah enjoying the view.

Who is that boy in the window? OH it is David!

King of the Rock (aka Jonathan)

The kids playing.

Some old buildings at the park.


Anonymous said...

See please here

Emily said...

Cool park and very beautiful chapel. Seems like an Easter memory everyone will cherish. :)

Laura said...

That's beautiful-I too love the chapel.