Thursday, February 14, 2008


Kinds of things that make a day special.

Chocolate Chip Muffins and strawberries for breakfast in bed.

Heart shaped sugar cookies!


Playing Giggle Belly game with cousins. ha haha hahaha hahahaha



Goodie bags.

Smile on a baby's face.

Playing a new family game... Trouble!

A 3 year old washing the dishes as a surprise and using the whole container of soap! Straight into both sinks... she put in the stoppers but upside down.

and a Mom who feels she does not deserve any of it and thankful for all of it!

Go here for a well written Valentine poem. Boy do I have a lot to work on in those areas!


Anonymous said...

it was my kind of day too!

hey - were you able to access homeschool lounge or do you need an invite? if you do, email me with your email address and i'll send you one.

KatieBug said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful day!! Happy late Valentine's day!

Kim said...

AWWW, looks like you all had a fun time!! Angel baby looks so cute with her big toothless smile! =]Little momma is so sweet! I love the cousin picture! The ha ha game is great! I'm glad you had a wonderful deserved one!!

Audrey said...

What a beutiful smile on that little face!

You must elaborate on the belly giggle game.

Beth said...

What a sweet spirit you have, L! I'm challenged and encouraged to be more thankful and humble in dealing with my children.