Monday, February 11, 2008


Back in early December Mom asked if I had a room I would like to have redone. Of course, the laundry room has always been on the top of my wish list. She generously painted and worked in the room. Oh I love the laundry room now! The before picture would be to imagine gray walls and piles on stuff on the floor. Imagine the counter covered to the point of something always falling off from being too much stuff. Last year in my attempt to reorganize the room I hung up the shelf. I tried to organize the stuff to clear the counter and then both were covered and full. Some how it attracted clutter! This time I went through and downsized or moved what was not laundry room out of the room (hence into another junk room or our old old old red bedroom). Mom found a pretty blue paint to match the material and a rug to coordinate with it all. Dad cut out the trim for the window and around the air conditioner for the room. This section of the house was built in '98 for us to live in when we married! :)

How to hide the utility box? Paint a pretty picture! Mom did this freehanded! yeah, that is why she is teaching the boys art and not me! :)

What could be cuter in a laundry room?

Peacock's hand at drawing the same picture.

Amazingly enough, the room is still clean and organized! I can actually fold at the counter. Love it!


Tanya said...

Lovely laundry room!! I have great dreams for our laundry room in the new house we are hoping to build this summer!! Right now my laundry room is also my sewing room and our freezer is there too. :) Not the tidiest place in the house! At least it is in the basement! LOL

Kim said...

Iiii Llllllove Iiiitttt!!! =] It looks so pretty! I can't wait to walk into it. =] Smiley really makes the room so comfy!! =]

Laura said...

Yeah, if my mom could paint like that, I'd have her teaching my kids art, too! :-)
The room is beautiful!

Emily said...

It's beautiful! Looks like a redo from HGTV. Your mom is quite talented!