Sunday, February 24, 2008


.... and this time a baby.

Samuel Elliot
Born: 2:28am
Weight: 7.6lbs
20 inches long
Dark hair and blue eyes... adorable

We mad dashed to the hospital at 1:45am. Derek and Sarah had already gone. We got off the elevator and was fast walking to the room when I heard her moan. I said "that is Sarah moaning.... LET'S RUN! Mom and I entered the room JUST IN TIME!!!!
I will NOT tell the whole birth story so Sarah can give her full story. IT IS A GREAT ONE! I will just say it was quick and us girls like to show the doctor, "if present" and nurses at the hospital how childbirth should be!


Rick said...
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Tanya said...

Congrats Sarah and family!! Baby Samuel is adorable!!

Praise God for this new bundle of blue! :)

Emily said...

He is precious! Congrats to Sarah. Lots of hair at birth must run in the family :)

suzanne (JoyfulChaos) said...

congrats to them!!

i love babies and birth stories.

on a personal note - pray for us. i'm getting baby fever again (it always happens this time of their age for me) and we had agreed we were through. although are doing nothing to prevent, short of doing nothing (got me?!)

but we've gone back in forth before about letting God control our family. still on the fence. especially my honey. praying for him and me. i know all the logic. i know God will take care of everything if we just let Him. and on that note, my honey said awhile back that we'd have 10 more tomorrow if we had a million dollars. that money was the issue. so i started praying. and we got a huge tax return and a job is on the horizon ($10,000 raise possibly!)

i'm really wanting more, but know better than to be contentious. i'm praying for my honey to lead us in the right direction (whatever that is for us) and for me to be content and submissive no matter what. please pray these blessings over us.

(i know i just got WAY more personal than i ever have - sorry! i just feel like you're the only one of my friends that will completely understand. and will pray for us. and you're anonymous enough from my "circle" that i can spill all of this. feel free to delete or keep this after you read it.)

thanks in advance.

Kim said...

Congratulations Sarah! I am so happy for you all! Great pictures Letisha!

Laura said...

He's adorable. Love the name!