Friday, January 18, 2008


Me '75 My Mom still has the little rattle.

Angle baby '07


Kim said...

A Christmas Eve and a Christmas Day baby! I was hoping that she would come on your birthday. ={ But she does have her own special day. =] I remember the night you were born. Mom and dad kept talking during Mass( we where Catholics at the time) and I couldn't tell what they were talking about. Grandma and grandpa Bickers was sitting behind us. Next thing I knew us kids were being pulled out of church and hurrying home. Dad was telling us to look to the sky for Santa Clause to keep us preoccupied
( yea, right=]). We get home and mom and dad are leaving us. I was crying because I didn't want them to leave. Grandma and grandpa stayed at the house with us that night. Grandpa Bickers was so excited because he got to play Santa that night. It was actually passed midnigt when all this was happening. The next morning we got to open our gifts and then they told us that we had a baby sister for Christmas. I was so mad when we got to the hospital because they wouldn't let US SEE YOU!!!!=[ We didn't even get to see mom very long. Thank goodness time has changed with the hospital visits! =]

Kim said...

I love Angel Baby's stocking. Too Cute!!

Kim said...

I am so MAD! I keep putting the e before the L! RRRRRRR

Audrey said...

We were born in the same year, and not far apart. How fun! Those are adorable pictures. I dont have any pictures of me as an infant/baby/toddlar/kid LOL!

You are blessed!

Emily said...

Very cute...both of you!