Saturday, January 05, 2008


Someone tell me how kids can be fighting with one another one minute and playing so sweetly the next. They are using the quilt for their map... white for the road, yellow is mud and pink is lava. They have a stool under for a big hill their cars jump off.

Use their imagination when they could play with this map with roads and buildings.

I prefer imaginations.... and playing sweetly togeher.


Tanya said...

I have wondered the same thing! I love seeing children use their imaginations too. Makes a mess sometimes, but it can be cleaned up and put away. Most times, that is anyways! :)

Laura said...

LOVE that they're using a blanket instead the "real" thing. How creative!

Kim said...

Looks like they're having fun. I remember Danny and Brian doing that with the carpet in the livingroom- in Kentucky.=] Jonathan still loves to play with his hot wheels/
Okay, Aunt Kimmie is needing some new pictures of her NEW NIECE!! =]

Beth said...

How fun! Mine do these things, too, making up the craziest stories and using the weirdest things to play with. I try to be as permissive as possible about allowing them to use things from around the house, but I stopped them from dragging bed pillows outside today!

thejoyfulchaos said...

oh, i love it! too good.