Friday, November 23, 2007


We spent Thanksgiving with my Mom at her house. Yes, she does have her tree and house all decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day and as she shared we are thankful for LIFE!

Which brings me to my prayer request. Wednesday night a young man Matthew went home to be with the Lord. His parents, Randy and Carol, go to our church. He was 27 years old. He left behind a wife Tonya, 6 year old son Tyler, 3 year old son Ryan, and a 2 year old daughter Molly! My heart is so broken for this family. Please pray for them at this time and the days to come. His wife was driving in a car behind him when the accident happened and she was with him when he died! Little children having to face this trial and not understand what has happened to Daddy.

So as we said "we are thankful for life and salvation!"

Also, Peacock put this together for Grandma. He said "I know you are sad and miss Grandpa so I made this for you." How sweet and thoughtful huh?

I will post more and pictures of our day, but right now my heart is so heavy and burdened for the family that it does not seem fair.


Audrey said...

Heart breaking indeed. I sometimes find myself crying out WHY? But I know that somehow it is meant to be, it was written before time began. Yet, my heart still aches when I here these things. If there is anything good in that it was that she was with him when he died, that would be comforting to me to know he was not alone. I will be praying for that family, those poor sweet children. Sigh

If nothing else it brings home the absolute fact that every day is a gift and we must treat each one with such delicateness, purposfully walking through it and living it. Praise HIM that we have yet another day to be with our family.

Laura said...

Will be praying for that family. I can't imagine. Thank you for sharing.

Audrey said...

OK, todays a great day to have that baby!!


silly me said...

how are you feeling?

Audrey said...

Update? girl you know you cant go 10 days right now without letting us know how your doing ;-)

OK you can go 10 days if you want to but thats just mean LOL

I hope all is well, and that you are getting lots of rest!!