Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yes, I am listening to Christmas music this early in November. Yes, I add Christmas music to the blog. Yes, I am loving it!!! Why so early you ask? Well I am due right before Christmas and Christmas/baby is on my mind. So in preparation for the baby I am listening to Christmas music! Crazy you say? Yeah, maybe but it keep the fear of labor pains out of my mind and focused on the right reason for Christmas and birth! Amazingly enough, Daniel has not said ONE WORD about all the Christmas music he is hearing in the house!!! Now that in itself is a miracle! So here is my list of music:

Point of Grace -- A Christmas Story
Little Women Soundtrack
Piano Winterlude
so far that is all. Later I will pull out the other few cds I have.

I absolutely love the Christmas Story cd. But it would figure that they have to include one Santa song in there. When my kids hear the song start to play they race to the cd to push skip and get it right before they say "Santa!" It is quite funny.

Hope I don't send you guys away by playing Christmas music so early, or maybe you will join me in on the fun... PLEASE tell me I am not turning into my Mother!!! My family will understand that joke... plus she had me on Christmas morning... oh dear.... (Just kidding Mom!!!! We love you for all your Christmas spirit!)


Kim said...

Christmas music to help distract the thoughts of labor pain sounds like a good idea to me! Although it is a little early for me. =] I'm one who's ready to start listening to it on December 1st.

silly me said...

oh we love christmas! my husband came in just the other day to ask when we're putting the tree up! anytime after halloween is game!

keep us updated on the pregnancy! i love the whole thing!

Laura said...

No complaints here-I love Christmas music-thanks! :-)