Saturday, September 22, 2007


We went to the zoo today with Grandma. It was nice weather and not too crowded for a Saturday. Here are some pictures.

They were able to get their face painted due to it being Harvest Day at the zoo.

Something serious and job well done! At the end we go to the water area to cool off. They wanted to play in the play area next which I really do not like but thought with Grandma we can handle it. It is a big area and too many exits. You cannot see your child the whole time which I do not like. Anyway, Mom brought Smiley to me and then could not find Little Mama. So I was walking through the whole things trying to find her. A lady happened to approach Mom and ask if she was looking for a boy in camo shorts and said yes. Then a worker found Mom and said "you have a lion on your shirt, are you looking for a boy in camo shorts?" My Mom said yes and the lady said "we have him up here." What happened is, when I moved to go look for Little Mama he came to where I was and could not find me. He went to a worker and told her he could not find his Mom and Grandma and his Grandma had a lion on her shirt. I was amazed at all the workers in the area looking for him. They had it announced through the whole zoo on who to look for and even watching the entrance to make sure he did not leave without a Grandma with a lion on her shirt. He was brave, not scared and did not cry. I am just proud of Peacock for finding a worker and telling them. He said he told them she had a lion on his shirt so they would know who his Grandma was. Yeah, how many Grandmas wear a Nairobi shirt with a lion on it! Very proud! Needless to say, we will not be playing in that area until much older like 12 yo? There was another Mom who said her son escaped the area last May and she finally found him. I recall Ian being missing for a short time in the same area. Not a great set up.


Elise said...

Whew - what a brave and smart little boy to ask for help!
I love zoo trips - yours looks like fun!

Audrey said...

We havent made it to the zoo this year, it was at one time an outing we would take at least 3-4 times a year.

Sounds like it was full of excitement as well, excitement that most moms could live without, LOL. I'm afraid my boys (except for Jordan) would all panic if they couldnt find me, even Devon
;-) Way to go Peacock!

Kim said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I wish we could had went with you! I wish we could go when we come up but I don't think we'll have time. I am so proud of Peacock! He is a very smart little boy!!! We can't wait to see you all...very soon!!!!!!!! I love your face paintings!

Laura said...

Wow-that is scary-but like you I am impressed w/Peacock! I lost sight of Ella one time in a clothing store in the mall-and it scared me so much-thankfully she went towards the back of the store-and not out the front into the big mall. Maybe child leashes aren't so bad...