Monday, September 10, 2007


We had Garrett and Eliana over last night so Derek and Sarah could go out for their anniversary! Daniel built them a big tent using our couches. Here they are having fun inside.

Peacock made his own tent.

Garrett lending his helping hand in building the tent...

Smiley enjoying the whole night full of excitement.

Garrett crawling over the fallen tent.


Emily said...

I remember making tents as a kid!! Nothing more fun. We'd also attach a sheet to the handle of one of those box fans and let it billow out to make an "igloo." Who says you need expensive toys to have fun, huh? :)

Elise said...

How fun! My hubby used to do that when we had two couches - scooting them back to back with about five feet in between, then throwing a blanket over the top. Seriously, hours of fun for kids! And time to get other things done for mama... :)

rcsnickers said...

"And time to get other things done for mama... :)"

yeah like vacuum under the couch, under the cushions, and other hidden places!


Laura said...

Fun times-
Wow-Smiley has really grown! Such a cutie!