Monday, August 13, 2007


"My Rows AND PILES OF COINS" by Tolowa M. Morris Illustrated by E.B. Lewis

This is a story about a little boy named Saruni. He lives in Tanzania Africa. Everyday he helps his Mother "Yeyo - Mother in Maasai" at the market. After a good day she gives him a five whole ten-cent coins. She tells him to go buy himself something. But instead he is saving his money to buy a bike which would help him carry the load to the market. This story teaches generosity and determination. It has a surprise happy ending and then once again he starts thinking of how he can help his Yeyo another way! It has several terms in the Maasai or Swahili with definiations in the back. Lovely illustrations of the people and their culture! This is going on my must buy list... especially with Mom having been to Tanzania to witness with the Maasai.

See if Elise is doing her Children's Monday Book Review.

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