Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Okay what have we been up to lately?

Smiley loves to say "uh oh!"

Little Mama is terribly afraid of "la ne!!!!" Which is "the noise"in her vocabulary. How am I supposed to tell every man in the country not to run their tractor or lawnmower... Daddy, Gramps and Uncle Derek included. We will be outside playing and her keen hearing will hear one start up and she is crying to go inside! This will be a long summer with tractors noise everyday!

We missed church on Sunday? Why? Because of an ant invasion in our van! We were ready and got in to buckle the kids. I noticed some ants on Smiley's pants. Why ants? Then Peacock said "Mommy, look at Little Mama's shoes. They are covered with ants!" Sure enough her sandals had ants all over! I quickly picked Smiley out of his seat to find about 20 ants coming out from under the cushion where his buckle is between his legs! We quickly got out. Why so many ants? What are they searching for? We hardly ever eat in our van and Smiley has never ate in his car seat! Daniel put a fogger in the van and now it needs vacuumed and upholstery cleaned! I have cleaned some car seat covers. Any one ever have a weirder situation that made you miss church? Seriously, how strange to tell Pastor why we missed church. Ants! The invasion of ants!

I am TIRED!!!! Trying to keep up with house work, and letting a few things slide. Thankfully some of my children have given me a helping hand. The most funny thing is, my kids seem to get very interested when I run while I am gagging reflexes and spit up! Why? I have no clue but I usually have an audience for it. Please give me space! Isn't it a strange feeling to want to eat everything in sight and yet can hardly take a bite?


Laura said...

So hope you get to feeling better soon. I found that just nibbling a bit all day long helped me. However, I still threw up a few times and gagged tons!

Wow-what a story about the ants! Not fun at all. I hope they weren't fire ants. We have those so bad around here.

Audrey said...

Very strange ant situation! Have you tried any of the herbs that help with nausia and calming the stomach? Ginger tea and the like?

I hope your nausea ends soon. You need a pregnancy ticker on your blog so I can keep up! ;-)