Monday, April 23, 2007


By Gyo Fujikawa

This is a So Tall Board Book. It has precious pictures of babies.

"Babies are very little... soft, warm and cuddly."
"They're always lying around eating, sleeping laughing or crying."
"They like to be changed and bathed and hugged and loved."
"But good or bad, all babies like to be hugged and cuddled and loved."

Little girls especially love this book. We always look through and point out a name for each child and how they are representing love to the baby. Just a precious book.

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Linda said...

This is a great book!
I got this for my oldest when she was a baby. All of my daughters have enjoyed it.

Thank you for sharing.

Sarah said...

Eliana loved that one too:)

Elise said...

This looks so sweet - I bet Eliana would love it! :)