Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yes, I am very interested in photography. If I could have a dream job with midwifery being my top, photography would be second! I would love to have someone call and say "We need you to take pictures of our attraction for a advertisement/brochure." Or a wedding photographer! Oh I would love that! But I still have a lot to learn.

We went to the zoo with my Mom, Kim and Jonathan. I had more free time on my hands with my Mom and Kim watching the children to take pictures of the scenery. So here are my favorite pictures of the zoo. Also, Kim and Richard bought us a season pass to the zoo so now we can go any day of the week besides Tuesday which is half off price day! Thank you so much you guys!

NOTE: Kim also showed me how to downsize the picture but when you double click on the picture it will show you the bigger picture to view better. Sory I am still on dial-up and takes forever to download a big picture let alone a slide show! Good news is, DSL is now available in our area. Bad news is, we are not going to get it just yet.


Audrey said...

You definately have a nack for taking pictures, they all look so neat.

Our top two dream jobs are exactly the same! ;-)

Laura said...

Love your dream jobs-I would have to add event planner to that. Now if I could just get into a photography class...

Yay-DSL...maybe y'all can get it soon.

Kim said...

Jonathan and I had so much fun with you all at the zoo and the rest of the time that we spent with you. We'll hve to do it again this summer! Maybe in June. After May's activities.. Sarah's 18 birthday on the 14th , Prom on the 19th and then graduation on the 24th. I will need a nice break...ekkkkk!
I love your pictures! You took more than you showed me!!