Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Our first trip this year to the zoo. Minus two sweet boys Ian and James and their lovely Mommy Leigh!

Eliana, Peacock, HooDoo, and Little Mama at the flamigos.

Peacock feeding the Lorikeets.

Reminds me of Florida... do not miss these guys!

Peacock's turtles. We saw a lot of turtles during the day. We did not see our old friend Peacock, the original Peacock!

Smiley and Garrett (two months apart) in their strollers! Peacock and HooDoo pushed them majority of the day. Sometimes Eliana and Little Mama pushed but mainly the big boys pushed the little boys! Very much appreciated!

HooDoo at the gorillas.

At least someone took a nap in the afternoon -- thanks Smiley!

oh yeah, we did actually see animals! Here is a baby giraffe and his Mommy.


Sarah said...

Love the pictures! Especially with the lorikeets:) We had fun yesterday!

Elizabeth said...

What a nice visit to the zoo! I have fond memories of the trips we took: mostly with my grandmother and looking through the rails. So glad your kids had fun!
We went to the SanDiego zoo about 6 years ago, and when I got my pictures back, the majority of them were of the backside of the animals! Made for an interesting scrabook layout: and here is the back of an elephant, the back of the rhino, etc! You did much better!

Laura said...

How awesome-you're zoo is much better than ours! Giraffes and you can feed the birds-cool.
Love the sleepy gorilla pic! :-)
And you had helpers to push the strollers and Smiley went to sleep! You really are blessed, girl. Do you know I can't think of one time that Ella has gone to sleep in her stroller. Only car seat (if we're very, very lucky and she's very, very tired) or her crib.

rcsnickers said...

Liz-- you are too funny!

Laura-- Actually that was his first time in the stroller! I was surprised he went to sleep. My kids are like Ella. I see kids sleeping in the grocery cart and think "how in the world did they that?" Mine would never! I guessed he was completely wornout! He didnot sleep too long, but was enough.