Sunday, March 11, 2007

5, 4, 2, 8

1995 Sarah 5, Rebekah 4, David 2, Jonathan 8 months

2007 Peacock 5, HooDoo 4, Little Mama 2, Smiley 8 months

A fun look at my sister's kids the same age and in a wagon as my kids.


Laura said...

How sweet! Okay, when I look at this happy picture of the siblings, it makes me want lots of kids. Most days though, I think, "Two-okay-I think I can do two." "Can't even talk about 3 at this point." :-)

Kim said...

WOW!! This is so funny! I have never put their ages together like that! Crazy! I love it!!!!!

Kim said...

Wait a minute. Jonathan is younger than 8 months.

rcsnickers said...

Kim -- I wondered about that. I had 8 months on the back but figured you would know for sure. Even if he was 2 months old, that still makes S 5, R 4, D 2 and then J 2 months compared to Smiley at 8 months -- close enough! Of course, I purposely left out the fact that you were way younger than me at that point! :)