Monday, March 19, 2007


The New Baby by Cyndy Szekeres Tiny Paw Library

Tiny Mouse has to adjust to the change of a baby mouse in the house. His new bed is between his big brother and big sister while the new baby has the bed by Mommy and Daddy. Everyone is busy helping and loving on the new baby that he feels uncared for. He is lovingly shown that he can do things by himeself. "He doesn't need a tiny hug anymore. He needs a big hug! Because now Tiny is a big brother!" Then the story goes on to show how big brother Tiny Mouse can help. I love the second to last page "But he still fits just right in Mother's lap."

Such a sweet story. Cute illustrations.

Visit Elise for more great Children Book Reviews! Thanks for starting this wonderful idea of resources of excellent books for our children! My long list is getting longer!!!


Elise said...

So very sweet! I have not seen this - I wish I had with #2!
You did it just right - you can use the graphic or just link - no problem!
Thanks for joining the fun! :)

Erin said...

When I saw the first part of the post,I thought you were going to end the post by hinting the book had extra meaning... so does this mean #5 is coming? =)

Love, Erin

Sarah said...

LOL... I was going to tease you about that too! I know you wouldn't hesitate to take the opportunity to ask me!!:)

rcsnickers said...

yeah Erin and Sarah "I WISH!!!!!"