Monday, February 12, 2007


We are experiencing a time where all the children are sick. It started with Smiley last Saturday having an eye infection. Green/yellow junk in his eyes. Never really bad. Never pulled at his ears. Never in bad spirits... good ole happy content smiley himself. Then the following Friday Peacock and HooDoo showed evidence of the eye infecion as well. Only their was really worse. Completely red in the eye and around the eye going down the cheek. Just looked painful. Then Saturday night Little Mama started complaining that her ear hurt. She would say "hurt, bandaid." Wish I could of given her a bandaid to fix her pain! So we all went to bed early and slept the best we could being in pain. It was a long night! Sunday I called the doctor office and she said to bring them in. To find out they all have ear infections and chest infection that made it way to their eyes. Last night HooDoo's got so bad he woke up during the night and started screaming and crying. I went in thinking his eyes were shut from the junk in his eyes. But it was actually his eyes were so swollen he could not open them. His top lip was swollen and nose. We wondered if he may be allergic to pinicillin as some family members but not signs of swelling today! Good! Thanks Mom for coming over to help. It took a long time and prayer to settle him down. Just shaking and screaming! Poor child was just scared!

Funny about the visit: On the way there Peacock kept teasing HooDoo about having to get a shot. HooDoo did not want a shot and would let Peacock know it. Then walking in they kept talking about who is going first. I said "you all are going in at the same time!" While in the room Peacock came up with a solution to who sits on the bed first for the doctor to check. "Who ever gave the hardest labor goes first." I just laughed! Of course, he would of been one of the hardest so then he said "Well then Little Mama was the fastest so she goes first!" I just laughed. It ended up with Peacock going first because well he is good with the doctor and Little Mama going last because she was no stranger near her!

Extremely tired! Looking forward to everyone being well.


Audrey said...

awww, sounds rough! There seem to be some funky bugs going around right now. I will be praying for yall.

Get some rest!

Erin said...

So sorry it was all four at a time. At least it wasn't puking all four at a time =) And you didn't catch it too?!? You are so blessed to have your mom close by to come help.


Laura said...

Oh, so sorry everyone is sick, Letisha. I'll be praying for y'all to recover quickly.