Friday, February 02, 2007


I am still in shock and very scared to even use it. But Daniel bought me a digital camera! WooHoo!!! Oh boy, are you guys in for a lot of pictures!

First I have to tell you what Daniel did! Okay, this past summer he was on Intel Advisory Panel and for his time he got Amazon money every month. He got extra Amazon money for contest, ideas, etc that were voted as the top ones. He was thinking of using the money to buy an indoor grill. But decided I could use a camera more than he could use an indoor grill at this time. So he put his Amazon money towards the camera! Oh, how wonderful, huh? It arrived yesterday. I was so excited and scared at the same time. I did not even want to close the battery door in fear of breaking it! I will have to read the manual and slowly learn how to use it. Thankfully the icons on it are the same as were on my Canon 35mm camera. So here are just a few shots I have taken so far. I cannot believe the zoom. NO more squinting to see the bird in a tree or I think it is a bird in a tree. Not sure what it looks like!

Thank you Daniel!!!!


Elise said...

Can you believe the clarity?
I'm so happy for you, friend!
Look at those baby blues! :)

Bickersd said...

I hope you guys enjoy your new camera. Does it come with a program for downloading the pics to your computer

chickadee said...

isn't that great? i love to open a brand new camera. enjoy and share lots of pictures.

Audrey said...

Oh...I love pictures!! I cant wait to see ALL of them. I have been slacking in the pictures department, but I'm sure I will catch up now that I have a new "subject" to photograph. ;-)

Laura said...

So excited for you-but wait, what did you post pictures w/before? Did you have a scanner?

rcsnickers said...


Actually I had been using my son's digital camera. No zoom, no flash. Just a small camera for a kid (like $30). Had something inside to store 19 pictures on.. not a memory card per say.


Laura said...

oh wow! Well, this is definitely better then! Yay for you! And for Daniel for thinking of it!