Monday, January 15, 2007


I found a new blog that features a children's book every Monday. Check it out here. Definately have to see if our library has this book and the others as well.

Other good lists to go through:
*Joan Carris Books
*Sonolight Curriculum Read-Alouds
*Resources for Homeschoolers

Where do you find good reads for your children books?


Elise said...

Thanks for stopping by today! You are free to pull the graphic and put it in your sidebar - I made it myself, so it's not high-tech or anything!
I use books that we have in our own home, as well as books from our little library around the corner. Sometimes I will use some that I read as a child!
Thanks for the plug - and again, feel free to use whatever you want!

Laura said...

I just added her to my blog list-thanks! :-)

Sarah said...

The book blog looks fun! I'll have to keep an eye on it:) I like th ambleside book list. The "Resources for Homeschoolers" link isn't working.
I've gotten book ideas from all over. I keep a master list and add to it all the time. When I want to get books, I refer to the list and choose a few to pick up or request at the library. Lately, I've been getting books for our theme of the week.

Stacy said...

I love Elise's Children's Book Mondays, too! :)
We currently have Good King W. at our house and are LOVING it. I want to own it!

rcsnickers said...

Sorry the one link is not working. Not sure why, it is the correct link. I will keep working on it.